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Do you want to relocate to Spain to study or live and work? If your answer is yes, consider the fully funded scholarship offers in Spain. Top Universities with top educational value have participated in offering scholarships to international students as support for their studies.

Spain is a popular destination for international students, offering world-class education, a rich culture, and a vibrant lifestyle. And now, with the availability of fully funded scholarships, studying in Spain is more affordable than ever. Fully funded scholarships cover the full cost of tuition, fees, and living expenses, making them an ideal option for students who are looking to finance their studies abroad. There are several different fully funded scholarships available in Spain, offered by the Spanish government, universities, and private organizations.

Kings College London Chevening Scholarship UK 2024

Chevening Scholarships are prestigious, fully-funded awards designed for emerging leaders from a diverse range of countries and regions worldwide. These scholarships offer the opportunity to pursue a one-year master’s degree in the United Kingdom. Eligible candidates for Chevening scholarships come from over 160 different countries and territories, and they aim to enroll in a one-year taught master’s program at a recognized UK institution. Chevening Scholars represent individuals who possess the drive, passion, innovative thinking, and potential to address global challenges and provide leadership for a brighter future. As these scholarships cover all expenses, recipients can wholly focus on their professional aspirations and make the most of a life-changing experience. During their year in the UK, scholars undergo substantial personal and academic growth, build extensive networks, immerse themselves in British culture, and forge enduring, positive connections with the UK. Upon completing their studies, scholars return home equipped with the knowledge and valuable connections needed to turn their ideas into reality.

Degree Level: The Kings College London Chevening Scholarship UK is available to undertake postgraduate level programs at King’s College London.

Available Subjects:  All Subjects

Scholarship Benefits: Chevening scholarships are comprehensive, encompassing airfare, lodging, and tuition expenses. Through a collaborative arrangement between Chevening and King’s College London, scholars supported by these scholarships benefit from a 20% reduction in their tuition fees provided by King’s.

Eligible Nationalities: This scholarship is open to international students of all nationalities.

Application Procedure:

The process of selecting Chevening Scholars takes a minimum of eight months, from the application deadline to when applicants are conditionally selected for an award.

Timeline for the next competition:

  • Applications are open until August 2 at 12:00 (BST)
  • Applications close on November 1 November 12:00 (GMT)

Central European University Scholarships Hungary, 2024

Applications are currently being accepted for Central European University Scholarships for the year 2024 in Hungary. These scholarships are open to all international students, regardless of their nationality, who wish to pursue a bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD degree at one of Hungary’s top universities. Central European University offers more than 50 degree programs across 17 departments, all of which are taught in English. These scholarships are partially funded. Students can apply without needing an IELTS/TOEFL test score, as long as they provide their English Proficiency Certificate. This presents an excellent opportunity for talented students to study in Hungary without the need for an IELTS test score.

Degree Level: Central European University Scholarships 2024, Hungary, is available to undertake Bachelor, Masters, and PhD level programs at Central European University (CEU).

Available Subjects:

  • Department of Political Science
  • Department of Network and Data Science
  • Department of Mathematics Nationalism Studies Program
  • Department of International Relations
  • Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy
  • Department of History Department of Legal Studies
  • Department of Philosophy Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies
  • Department of Medieval Studies
  • Department of Gender Studies School of Public Policy
  • Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology
  • Department of Cognitive Science
  • Department of Economics and Business Center for Religious Studies.

Scholarship Benefits

  •  Partial Tuition Award
  • Presidential Scholar Award
  • External financial support and scholarship opportunities

Partial Tuition Award

A small number of Partial Tuition Awards is available for outstanding applicants to the BA/BSc in Data Science and Society, BA in Culture, Politics and Society and BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics programs.


This is a merit-based award, which may fund up to 50% of the tuition fee (up to €3,500 per academic year).


Applicants who want to be considered for this award must apply by February 1, 2024.

Presidential Scholar Award

Two outstanding candidates will receive a Presidential Scholar Award with a total value of €5,000 each. The Presidential Scholars Fund was established by CEU President and Rector Michael Ignatieff and his wife Zsuzsanna Zsohar to support students who demonstrate exceptional academic credentials and leadership promise.


The Award covers part of the tuition fee throughout the four years of BA studies as follows:

  • Year 1: €500
  • Year 2: €1,000
  • Year 3: €1,500
  • Year 4: €2,000


All applications submitted by February 1, 2024 will be automatically considered for this award. There is no need to submit a separate application or indicate your interest in this award in the CEU Application Form (‘Funding’ section).

Eligible Nationalities: This scholarship is open to domestic and international students of all nationalities.

Eligibility Criteria: To qualify for scholarships at Central European University in Hungary, candidates must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Eligibility extends to international applicants of any nationality.
  • For admission to a bachelor’s degree program, candidates must possess a high school certificate.
  • To enroll in a Master’s degree program, applicants must hold an undergraduate Degree certificate and transcript.
  • For admission to a doctoral degree program, candidates must have completed a Master’s degree.
  • Proficiency in the English language is a prerequisite.
  • The application deadline is February 1, 2024.

Application Procedure:

  • Previous Degree Certificates
  • Updated Resume (CV)
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Research Proposal (for graduate programs)
  • Statement of Purpose Proof of English Language Proficiency
  • Any other documents as specified (if required)

Griffith University Scholarships  Australia 2024–25

Scholarship Description: Embark on your academic journey in Australia! Exciting news! Applications are currently being accepted for Griffith University scholarships. In this comprehensive article, we will provide you with a detailed overview of this scholarship program, its advantages, and a step-by-step guide to the application process. The Griffith University Scholarships for the academic year 2024-2025 are now accessible to international students seeking to pursue undergraduate, postgraduate, or postdoctoral studies. Griffith University extends a variety of scholarships, ranging from full funding to partial financial support.

Degree Level: Griffith University Scholarships Australia is available to undertake Undergraduate, Masters, PhD, Post Doctorate level programs at Griffith University.

Scholarship Benefits

  • Remarkable Scholarship
  • International Student Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • International Student Academic Merit Scholarship
  • GELI Direct Entry Program (DEP) Scholarship
  • Griffith Research Scholarships
  • Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarships
  • CSIRO Postdoctoral Scholarships Source

Eligible Nationalities:

These scholarships are open to domestic and international students of all nationalities

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Language Requirement: Proficiency in English is mandatory.
  • Nationality: You should hold citizenship in a country other than Australia or New Zealand.
  • Academic Performance: Maintain a minimum GPA of 5.5 or higher on a 7-point scale, or an equivalent score. To determine your eligibility based on the minimum GPA criteria, refer to the provided PDF.
  • Application Submission: Submit your application for admission to Griffith University by the deadline specified for scholarship applications. Academic and Language Proficiency: Fulfill all academic prerequisites and meet the English language proficiency criteria for the undergraduate or postgraduate coursework program you intend to pursue.
  • Full-Time Enrollment: Enroll as a full-time student, commencing your studies in either Trimester 1, 2, or 3 of the year 2024.

Swinburne University of Technology Scholarships  Australia 2024

The Swinburne University of Technology Scholarship for the years 2024–2025 is a great opportunity designed for international students. This scholarship is available for both undergraduate and master’s degree programs. Successful applicants of the Swinburne International Excellence Scholarship will receive an annual grant of $2500, which will be deducted from their course fees. Swinburne University has built an international reputation for its high-quality research, which bridges the realms of science, technology, business, and the community. Our commitment to delivering top-notch education and research, as well as ensuring successful outcomes for our graduates, is reflected in our rankings among prestigious global academic institutions. Swinburne University stands out in several areas, including being ranked within the Top 200 for Engineering and Technology according to the 2020 World University Rankings by Subject. Additionally, we are ranked within the top 250 for Physical science and the Top 300 for computer science. Furthermore, Swinburne earned recognition as one of the world’s top 400 universities in the esteemed 2018 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU).

Degree Level: Undergraduate, Masters-level programs at Swinburne University of Technology

Available Subjects:

  • Humanities and Fine Arts
  • Aviation Studies
  • Architecture and Urban Planning
  • Business Administration
  • Design Studies
  • Educational Sciences
  • Engineering Disciplines
  • Film and Television Studies
  • Game Development and Animation
  • Healthcare Studies
  • Information Technology
  • Legal Studies
  • Media and Communication
  • Nursing and Healthcare
  • Psychology
  • Natural Sciences
  • Vocational Training

Scholarship Benefits:

  • Swinburne International Excellence Pathway Scholarship: This scholarship provides a set annual grant of $2500, which is deducted from your course fees for a maximum duration of 2 years.
  • Swinburne International Excellence Undergraduate Scholarship: Successful applicants will receive a reduction in course fees ranging from 10% to 75% annually throughout a maximum of 4 years of undergraduate studies.
  • Swinburne International Excellence Postgraduate Scholarship: Postgraduate scholarship recipients will benefit from a course fee reduction between 10% and 75% each year for up to 2 years.

Eligible Nationalities: This scholarship is open to international students.

Application Procedure:

  • Begin by reviewing the application guidelines provided here.
  • Create your account by accessing the registration link here.
  • Initiate your application process.

University of Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarships  Australia 2024

The University of Melbourne offers the Melbourne Research Scholarship and Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship to both domestic and international students who are enrolling in a graduate research program at the university. Great news for those seeking to study in Australia! Applications for the Melbourne Research Scholarships are currently being accepted. In this article, we will provide detailed information about these scholarships, their benefits, and a step-by-step application process.

The Melbourne Research Scholarship (MRS) for the years 2024–2025 is a fully funded scholarship designed for international students. There are approximately 600 scholarships available for master’s and doctoral research studies. This scholarship includes a generous living allowance of $32,400 per year, full fee offset, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Single Membership, a relocation grant, and various other benefits. The University of Melbourne, a government institution, makes significant contributions to society through activities such as scientific research, education, and community engagement. It consistently ranks among the world’s top universities, earning the top spot in Australia and 31st place globally, according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings for 2021. The Melbourne Research Scholarships (MRS) are open to international students from all corners of the globe who wish to pursue postgraduate studies at the University of Melbourne, Australia. These scholarships provide a stipend and fee offset and are available for numerous courses offered by different schools within the university. Eligible applicants are assessed and ranked based on their academic performance in their most recent completed degree and their potential for research in their chosen field of study.

Degree Level: University of Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarships 2024, Australia, are available to undertake graduate-level programs at the University of Melbourne.

Available Subjects: All Subjects

Scholarship Benefits:

  • Fee Offset and Stipend Scholarships Full tuition fee coverage for up to two years (Master’s by Research) or up to four years (doctoral candidates).
  • Living allowance of $37,000 per year (pro rata, based on the 2024 full-time study rate) for up to two years (Master’s by Research) or up to 3.5 years (doctoral candidates), with potential annual adjustments It includes limited paid sick, maternity, and parenting leave.
  • Relocation grant of $2000 for students relocating from states or territories within Australia other than Victoria, or $3000 for students coming from outside Australia.
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Single Membership is for international students requiring a student visa to study in Australia.
  • Fee scholarships Full tuition fee coverage for up to two years (Master’s by Research) or up to four years (doctoral candidates).

Eligible Nationalities: This scholarship is open to domestic and international students of all nationalities.

Application Procedure:

If you are a new student and have applied for a graduate research program before the application deadline, you will automatically be considered for the Graduate Research Scholarships. You will be notified that a scholarship application has been included in your record within ten business days after submitting your program application. In the event that you have accepted an offer for a graduate research program but have deferred your start date with the aim of being reconsidered for a scholarship, you must complete an online application form by October 31st to be eligible for a scholarship in the following year. You will receive notification of the addition of a scholarship application to your record within ten business days after submitting the online form. For current students already enrolled in a graduate research program who are seeking a scholarship for the following year, you must also submit an online application form by October 31st. Similar to new applicants, you will be notified of the scholarship application’s addition to your record within ten business days of form submission.

HDR RTP Scholarship and DUPR Scholarship, Deakin University Australia 2024–25

Scholarship Description of HDR RTP and DUPR

The funding for the RTP scholarships is provided by the Australian Government, whereas Deakin University funds the DUPR scholarships. These scholarships are open to both domestic and international students. The RTP scholarship is offered only to candidates who rank highly. Deakin University provides a welcoming and supportive environment for international students. The university offers a range of services to help students settle into their new surroundings, including orientation programs and support for academic and personal issues. The campus facilities are modern and well-equipped, and the teaching staff are knowledgeable and approachable. With a diverse student community and a wide range of courses on offer, Deakin University is an excellent choice for international students seeking a high-quality education in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Degree Level: HDR RTP Scholarship / DUPR Scholarship  Deakin University, Australia, is available to undertake postgraduate and PhD-level programs at Deakin University.

Available Subjects:  All Subjects

Scholarship Benefits:

  • A stipend of $30,000 per annum for 2023 tax exempt .
  • A relocation allowance from $500 to $1,500 (for single to family) awarded to students who are moving from interstate or overseas in order to study at Deakin.
  • For international students only: Single Overseas Student Health Cover policy for the duration of the student visa.

Doctoral Degree Duration

  • 3 years for stipend and 4 years for the tuition fees offset

Research Master Degree Duration

  • 2 years for stipend and 2 years for the tuition fees offset.

Eligible Nationalities: This scholarship is open to international students of all nationalities.

Application Procedure: Currently enrolled HDR students can apply for an RTP or DUPRS stipend and will be assessed by the faculty or institute. Currently enrolled students may not apply after they have completed more than 3 years of their doctoral course or 2 years of their masters course (or part-time equivalent).

AIT Asian Development Bank, Japan Scholarship Program, Thailand, 2024–25

Applications are now being accepted for the AIT Asian Development Bank Scholarship 2024–25, which is available at the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand. This scholarship, funded by the Japanese government, provides fully funded opportunities for international students pursuing a Master’s degree. Each year, the Asian Development Scholarship offers 140 scholarships in various fields, including economics, management, science and technology, and other development-related areas.

Degree Level: AIT Asian Development Bank – Japan Scholarship Program Thailand is available to undertake Masters-level programs at Asian Institute of Technology.

Available Subjects: ADB-JSP scholarships are awarded at designated institutions (DIs) in the Asia and Pacific region for studies in economics, business and management, science and technology, and other development-related fields.

Scholarship Benefits:

  • Tuition fees (actual costs)
  • Housing (based on the actual cost of dormitory housing or a reasonable allowance for appropriate off-campus housing—to be agreed upon between each DI and ADB)
  • Subsistence allowance, including housing allowance (a flat allowance to be agreed upon between each DI and ADB),
  • Student medical and accident insurance (flat allowance)
  • Books (a flat allowance to be agreed upon between each DI and ADB)
  • Economy class air travel is the most direct route to and from the DI and the awardee’s home country (actual costs).
  • Miscellaneous expenses related to travel such as visa fees, airport taxes, luggage allowance, etc. (a flat allowance)
  • Excess luggage up to 20 kg may be financed during return travel to the home country (actual costs).
  • Thesis/Research Allowance is intended to cover the scholar’s research expenditures and can be used for such expenditure items as photocopying, school supplies, typing and computer charges, postage, communications, binding charges, local travel costs, and accommodation for out-of-town trips. (a flat allowance).
  • Scholars are expected to have sufficient skills in language and computers to undertake their study program. However, in special cases where additional training is deemed necessary, expenditures incurred to improve language proficiency and computer literacy may be covered under the scholarship (actual costs).
  • The ADB-JSP does not cover: expenses for the scholar family; extra-curricular courses or training; additional travel during the course of study program; additional expenses related to supplementary educational materials; or field trips.

Eligible Nationalities: International students from an ADB borrowing member country can apply for this scholarship.

Application Procedure:

The following documents are required:

  • Copy of Degree Certificate and Transcript of 4 years of undergraduate degree program
  • Have an English proficiency score as required by the AIT Language Center (IELTS-Academic: 6 (writing and overall) or AIT EET ≥ 6.0, TOEFL ≥ 550).
  • Work certificate provided by the employer.
  • Income statement. If married, please submit the spouse income statement; otherwise, please submit the parent income statement
  • ADB-JSP Information Sheet
  • There is an online application system to apply for the AIT Asian Development Bank Scholarship 2024–25. You can access it by visiting the official link down below.
  • Deadline for Fall semester (August 2024 intake): 31 March 2024

Fully Funded NSP National Scholarship Program Slovekia (2023-24)

Scholarship Description of NSP National Scholarship Program Slovekia

Applications are now being accepted for the National Scholarship Program for the academic year 2024-25 in Slovakia. The Slovak Scholarships for International Students is a fully funded scholarship program supported by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sport of the Slovak Republic. This offers an opportunity for students from all corners of the globe to pursue their higher education at esteemed Slovakian institutions. The scholarship program is open to master’s students, PhD students, university teachers, researchers, and artists.

Degree Level: Fully Funded NSP National Scholarship Program Slovekia. is available to undertake Masters, PhD level programs at Slovekia Universities.

Available Subjects: All Subjects

Scholarship Benefits:

Scholarship Amount and Organization of Stay:

Category: Monthly Scholarship Amount Source:

University students pursuing second-level higher education: 620 EUR

b) PhD students: 1025.50 EUR

c) University teachers/researchers/artists:

  • Without a PhD degree and less than four years of work experience: 1025.50 EUR
  • With a PhD degree and less than ten years of work experience: 1370 EUR
  • With a PhD degree and more than ten years of work experience: 1470 EUR

Travel Grant: Additionally, students and PhD students (eligible applicants under category A and B) may receive a travel allowance (travel grant), a separate component of the scholarship, if applied for along with their scholarship application. The travel allowance is a lump sum paid to the scholarship holder at the end of their stay, together with the final scholarship payment. The amount of the travel allowance is determined based on the distance in a direct line between the applicant’s place of residence (permanent address or home institution’s address) and the location of their stay in Slovakia (the host institution’s address). The allowance is structured as follows:

  • Distance up to 200 km: 0 EUR
  • Distance over 200 km but not exceeding 300 km: 50 EUR
  • Distance over 300 km but not exceeding 500 km: 100 EUR
  • Distance over 500 km but not exceeding 1,000 km: 250 EUR
  • Distance over 1,000 km but not exceeding 2,000 km: 350 EUR
  • Distance over 2,000 km but not exceeding 3,000 km: 500 EUR
  • Distance over 3,000 km but not exceeding 5,000 km: 750 EUR
  • Distance over 5,000 km but not exceeding 7,000 km: 1,100 EUR
  • Distance over 7,000 km: 1,500 EUR.

Eligible Nationalities:

Citizens of any country in the world (except the citizens of Slovakia) can apply for a scholarship stay in Slovakia in the framework of the NSP .

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students who meet all of the following criteria:

Currently enrolled as university students at institutions located outside Slovakia. Pursuing second-level higher education (master’s level) or have completed a minimum of 2.5 years of their university studies in a similar program by the application deadline. Planning to undertake a study period in Slovakia as part of their higher education outside Slovakia, having gained acceptance from a public, private, or state higher education institution in Slovakia for academic mobility. Please note that this category excludes doctoral (PhD) studies or their equivalent.

  • B) PhD students whose higher education or research training occurs outside Slovakia and who have been admitted by a public, private, or state higher education institution or a research institution in Slovakia with the capacity to offer doctoral study programs (such as the Slovak Academy of Sciences) for academic mobility aimed at studying, conducting research, or engaging in artistic endeavors in Slovakia. Duration of scholarship stay (for PhD students): 1 – 10 months.
  • C) International university educators, researchers, and artists who have received invitations for teaching, research, or artistic residencies in Slovakia from institutions holding valid certificates authorizing research and development activities, excluding business entities, and with their headquarters located in Slovakia.

Application Procedure:

Scholarship applications are submitted online at www.scholarships.sk. Online application system is opened at least 6 weeks prior to the application deadline. Applications can be filled in only in case that the online application system has already been opened.

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